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This four-story multi-tenant Class A office building is located in close proximity to Shem Creek and its docks and restaurants. It sits within the heart of Old Mt. Pleasant and is in the Town’s Urban Corridor Overlay District, an area which encourages density through structured parking and verticality. This entirely precast concrete building has a variety of textures, created through the use of formliners, which, when cast, were treated with a lime wash paint. Precast was selected for its durability in the saltwater environment, erection speed, noise buffering, and structural ability to absorb vehicular traffic on the building's lower two levels. Using precast concrete also enabled the building to have less interior columns and opened the exterior wall to have more openings to take advantage of down-creek views towards the Charleston skyline and up-creek views to the natural beauty of Shem Creek’s headwaters.

Square Footage: 42,000 sf

Completion Date: 2017