Police Forensics Services BuildingPolice Forensics Services Building

Police Forensics Services Building


The project consists of the construction of a new two-story, 21,340sf building to house the  Forensics Services Division of the Charleston Police Department.  The new building will be located at 1975 Bees Ferry Road.  The program includes the following spaces:

· Administration spaces (including Director’s Office and Conference Room)

· Evidence Receiving/Evidence and File Storage Rooms with High-Density Storage

· Crime Scene Processing/Storage and Open Office Spaces

·Two Garage Bays for vehicle examination and storage

· Chemical Storage Room for Laboratories

· Latent Prints offices and analysis spaces

· Digital Evidence offices and analysis spaces

· Chemistry Laboratory and Office space

· Biology and DNA Laboratory and Office space

· Staff Break area and Work Room (including 2nd-floor outdoor covered break area)

· Support Spaces (Mechanical/Electrical/IT Rooms)

Completion Date:2020

Consulting Lab Planners: McClaren, Wilson & Lawrie, Inc.