Pratt-Thomas, GumbPratt-Thomas, GumbPratt-Thomas, GumbPratt-Thomas, GumbPratt-Thomas, Gumb




Heading north of the historic downtown district on East Bay Street, the urban environment gives way to the longstanding industrial hub of the city to the east, and the Mazyk-Wraggsboro neighborhood to the west. As the city, its technology, and its population have evolved over time, there are many reminders of earlier days when the shipping port and railroad dominated this portion of the city: abandoned railroad tracks, the preserved brick facade of the old rice mill, and old warehouses that today serve new functions as offices, restaurants, and grocery stores. A city redevelopment effort in this historically rich area was the impetus for the accounting firm of Pratt-Thomas Gumb to locate here. This history provided the inspiration for the building’s design. With a dynamic presence, the standing seam metal roof hovers over the top floor, supported by heavy timber trusses, shading the occupants and defining the street edge. The trusses spring from the pronounced brick piers that define the wall in a vertical rhythm along East Bay Street. A ground level parking deck and two subsequent office floors are given an individual emphasis between each set of piers; wood grilles were designed and installed at ground level to shield the parking for passing pedestrians. 

Square Footage: 28,000 sf

Completion Date: 2002


Design with Brick Merit Award 2006

Lowcountry Design Awards Merit Award 2003

Carolopolis Award 2002