The Church at LifePark - Phase 3The Church at LifePark - Phase 3The Church at LifePark - Phase 3

The Church at LifePark - Phase 3


The Church at LifePark has experienced tremendous growth since SMHa first designed its original building in 2007. Despite an expansion in 2013, the Church has grown beyond the needs of their existing worship and youth spaces and needed to begin planning for their future. SMHa worked with the Church to develop a master plan for the next decade of their projected growth, and from that planning emerged their ‘Phase III’ expansion. The new structure will serve as part of the main Church in the future and acts as a spillover worship space to seat approximately 300 parishioners as well as housing an expansion of classroom spaces. SMHa designed this new building to embrace the existing park space while matching the aesthetic of the existing ‘beach house’ building. The stone wall along the North facade is designed to later serve as a backdrop to a central gathering space known as ‘The Well’ upon the completion of the next phase of the building. The Church looks forward to moving into its new facility later this year.

Completion Date:2019